What happens when we ask chatGPT some questions about iconography?

See the conversation over here on the ICONCLASS forum.

After being sucked into this post by Tim Bray on monospaced fonts, I am now trying out Inconsolata by Raph Levien

Switched in the Terminal, and will give it a whirl in Visual Studio Code too. But what really caught my eye was the amazing work by Raph, as mentioned on his about page and blog. I keep a list of "inspiring people" that I came across in the wanderings on the web. Just added another one to the list.

Here is an interesting Post-doc position in the Knowledge Graphs field at the University of Groningen:

Applications are invited for a 1.5 year position as postdoctoral researcher within the research project “Graphs and Ontologies for Literary Evolution Models” (GOLEM), financed by an ERC Starting Grant and coordinated by the Principal Investigator (PI), Dr Federico Pianzola.

Millions of stories are shared on online platforms such as Wattpad, AO3, and Fanfiction.net, combined with readers' reactions and comments on these stories. The GOLEM project will analyze stories and their responses gathered from sites in five different languages – English, Spanish, Italian, Korean and Indonesian. This analysis can provide a wealth of information about the characters in a story, the genre, what a story is about, how a story is constructed, what themes are covered, as well as what readers from different countries and cultures find important in a story.

The core infrastructure of the project will be a graph database of data from ca. 10 million stories, including information extracted from the full text of the stories via NLP techniques. Some information is already available in structured format, some other can be imported from resources like Wikidata or fan wikis. In addition, both the full text and the existing triples can be leveraged for the extension of the knowledge graph via automated reasoning, inferential learning, and other techniques.

Vacatures bij de RUG Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
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An ode to the #SemanticWeb - via #ChatGPT

On the semantic web, all data is linked
It's organized and easy to think
No more clicking through pages and pages
Just type in your query, and bam, it engages
Thanks to the semantic web, search is improved
And finding what you need is finally removed
From the realm of the impossible and wild
Now information is organized and filed
On the semantic web, everything's clear
And finding what you need is no longer a fear

#AIart #AIpoetry #knowledgegraph

"An image of the Semantic Web, which is an extension of the World Wide Web through the provision of explicit semantics via ontologies to make Internet data machine-understandable."
Steps: 27 | Guidance: 9 | Sampler: k_euler_a | Model: Anything Diffusion | Seed: 4001048384 | Karras: true
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📣#OpenData geeks!
Check out #ENDORSE2023, the European Data Conference on Reference Data and Semantics.
It's all about what’s behind the scenes of #OpenData: making data findable & linkable.

Discover the free & online programme, 14-16 March. 🔎https://europa.eu/!9nH4Gh @JHahnEU

🐦🔗: https://n.respublicae.eu/EU_opendata/status/1620466258142699520

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This @explosion blog post from November talks about faster prediction/inference with Metal Performance Shaders on M1 Macs:


I hope pytorch keeps adding more functions to the MPS backend, as a lot of potential applications (e.g. Whisper) still can't use it.

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#Wikidata Query Service #Blazegraph dump now available to download, free of charge (344 GB compressed; over 1 TB decompressed).


orb datasets.scatter.red

Is there a good/useful viewer for Jupyter notebooks on the command line?

Sometimes I am logged in to a server where I had stored some work-in-progress as a notebook, and I would like to quickly view it without context switching, or opening it up in something else. Yes, I could just "less" it, but maybe there is a something else?

And if not, it is just crying out for someone to make one using Textual

Textualize.io www.textualize.io

More interesting development from the libSQL folks:

SQLite-based databases on the postgres protocol

libSQL “server mode” (sqld) enables access to SQLite-based databases using Postgres and HTTP network protocols.


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We're conducting a survey to better understand the ontology issues within Wikidata and their impact on data reuse. Help us out by taking the survey here: https://wikimedia.sslsurvey.de/ontology-issues/ Participation requested by Friday, February 17th at 23:59 UTC.

ontology-issues wikimedia.sslsurvey.de
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Introducing sqlite-xsv - a new, incredibly fast SQLite extension for working with CSVs

- The fastest CSV parser for SQLite, even faster reading than DuckDB/datafusion/clickhouse!
- Works with gzip'ed or zstd CSVs directly!
- Read CSVs from blobs or from multiple files!


A Digital Art History must-read:

"Can the use of a standardized vocabulary and computer vision technology help students of the history of culture to get a grip on the content of the rapidly growing corpus of images put online by heritage institutions?"

A fascinating piece by Hans Brandhorst, appeared in C. Fabian (ed.), Faszination (Buch-) Handschriften im Jahr 2022. Tradition und Zukunft ihrer Erschliessung in Bibliothek und Wissenschaft (Wiesbaden, 2022), pp. 287-306

Extended author version here

ICONCLASS iconclass.org
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Our #DigitalHistoryOFK starts into the new year with a Data for History lecture by Sofia Baroncini on the semantics of artworks. She'll delve into the complexity of the #ArtHistory domain and its relation to the #SemanticWeb & #LinkedOpenData, discussing the potential for a new dataset of iconographical and iconological interpretations.

🔜 Join us on January 11th at 4:15 PM to learn more about her research.

ℹ️ Abstract (and access): https://dhistory.hypotheses.org/3217

#DigitalHistory #digiGW #D4HLectures

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Saudi Arabia jails two Wikipedia staff in ‘bid to control content’

Administrators jailed for 32 years, and eight years, as activists warn of ploy to infiltrate website


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Op 1 januari zijn de auteursrechterlijke beperkingen vervallen van werken die gemaakt zijn door mensen die in 1952 zijn overleden. Bij een aantal bijzondere werken staan we 13 januari stil tijdens Publiek Domeindag met o.a. Elsbeth Etty & sprekers van Eye, Europeana, Naturalis, Erfgoed Gelderland en Nederlands Fotomuseum https://publiekdomeindag.nl/

Publiek Domeindag 2023 Publiek Domeindag 2023
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#followfriday more researchers from our #fizise team are moving to the #fediverse! For more information on our research and teaching activities, please follow
@fab @lysander07 @heikef @epoz @tabea @russa @joerg

#semanticweb #semanticsearch #exploratorysearch #knowledgegraph #ontology #FIZKarlsruhe

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In which I ask the question: Is Moving to Mastodon Ethical?

Because there are voices saying it’s not.


Is Moving to Mastodon Ethical?

The big story occupying space in my mind (and on this blog) is the #TwitterMigration. As Twitter grows troubled and troubling, “Fediverse” technologies in general and Mastodon in particular are successfully attracting many users and providing a pleasant experience. Everyone is wondering out loud whether Mastodon can take the strain and whether it can provide cool new features. What we haven't been discussing are two ethical questions: First, is it OK to bail out of Twitter? And if bailing out, is Mastodon a acceptable place to land?
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I thought, let's try this hyped new https://chat.openai.com/ #openai thing, if it will help us write Wikipedia articles. I asked it to write a #Wikipedia article about a notable Dutch female contemporary #artist who doesn't have any Wikipedia articles yet. The generated article is 100% incorrect. It really gets everything wrong.

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Ik geef regelmatig #trainingen #OpenRefine in de #culturele sector (op freelance basis en tegen een marktconforme vergoeding). De vraag is groot. Ik heb zelf onvoldoende tijd om alle trainingsverzoeken op te volgen, en ben actief op zoek naar andere (kandidaat-)trainers. Ik wil graag opdrachten aan anderen doorspelen, samenwerken, en kennis delen.

Begin 2023 organiseer ik een (online) kennismakingsbijeenkomst. Interesse? Geef dan hier je beschikbaarheid op: https://datumprikker.nl/p7xcrsfdcam4d7rn