Yesterday I ordered a micro-SD card to use as additional storage. It made my head spin: 512GB for €39.

What?! Storage has become ridiculously cheap.

This is BTW for an experiment to see if I can use a Steamdeck for developing/testing software. So far the experiments have gone well, I am using Distrobox and Podman to boot run an Ubuntu distro on the deck while keeping the "normal" installation unchanged. It even runs graphical apps fine. All the things I install go on the homedir (and soon the SD card) so when the OS is updated by Valve, my stuff will hopefully stay put. Linux on the desktop finally arrives, but in a very interesting incarnation!

The hardware is more powerful than my 5 year old Macbook Pro, and even though it is becoming time for me to get a new laptop, I am holding out a bit longer to see what happens with the rumoured M3 lurking around the corner.